For Agents

More closed deals,
higher commissions

We 2X your least-qualified buyers' budgets
Minimum (2) years full-time experience as a license agent required.
How it works

We can 2x your clients' budget

For low- and moderate-income clients who need down-payment assistance

Most brokers have clients who are struggling with affordability. Afford Partner Agents have the tools to do something about it.

Start helping your clients afford more, today.

You may be wondering

Where does the money come from?

Clients' financial aid comes from down-payment assistance (DPA) programs.

Fast closes

Most clients close in less than 30 days

As Realtors ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to consistently close quickly without surprises. Even with FHA loans, we know how to line everything up so that we can close within 30 days.

How DPAs work

Does the DPA money need to paid back?

Most of our clients get a DPA that's structured as a second mortgage with $0 monthly payments. Typically, this second loan only need to be repaid after 30 years or if the property is sold or refinanced. If your client qualifies for a forgivable loan or grant, those do not need to be repaid. Most borrowers have a choice between programs — we'll explain the tradeoffs clearly to your clients.